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AEIG offers a range of options to reimburse veterinary expenses that arise as a result of accident, illness, or disease. These coverages are not available on a stand-alone basis but are designed to be added to a Full Mortality Policy.

Available at annual aggregate limits of $7,500, $10,000 or $15,000.
The horse’s insured value must be equal to or greater than the medical/surgical limit selected.

Deductible: $400 per condition claimed.

Diagnostics – A sub-limit of $2,500 per claim / $4,000 aggregate applies for your choice of diagnostic tests, including bloodwork, radiographs, ultrasound, MRI and bone scan.

Lameness Treatment - A sub-limit of $2,500 per claim / $4,000 aggregate applies for your choice of treatment, including surgery, stem-cell, PRP, IRAP, Tildren and shockwave therapy.

Navicular, arthritis, and DJD - are not automatically excluded in our medical/surgical plans.


A great choice for the budget-conscious horse owner to cover colic, illness, and acute injury. This coverage is available for horses 30 days through age 20, regardless of insured value and has a $400 deductible. “Cat Med” is not intended to cover lameness diagnostics and treatment.

AEIG’s medical coverages are some of the best available in the marketplace. Medical/Surgical and Cat Med coverages include:

No Co-Pays – AEIG’s coverages have no co-pays.

Continuing Care – AEIG’s coverages have no continuing care time limits.

Medical extensions – AEIG’s coverages provide for up to 60 days additional coverage after expiration.

Pro-rata return of premium upon cancellation of policy – so long as no claim has been paid.

AEIG's full mortality policy
provides coverage for death as
a result of an injury, illness, or
humane destruction, and
includes loss or death as a
result of theft. Coverage
territory includes the
continental USA and Canada.
Premiums are based on the
horse's breed, age, and use.

AEIG's Full Mortality policies also include:
  • Colic Surgery Coverage of up to $3,000.00, including aftercare.

  • Value Endorsement - if the value of the horse at any time during the policy period was equal to the limit of liability, the insured will be paid that amount.

  • Guaranteed Extension Coverage - in the event of a condition occurring and reported during the policy period, mortality coverage for that condition will automatically continue for up to 12 months from the expiration date.


  • Third Party Liability - provides coverage in the event the insured horse causes bodily injury or property damage to a third party.

  • Territorial Limits Including Transit - Mortality coverages may be extended to include coverage while transporting to, from, and while staying in other approved countries.

  • Stallion Infertility for A, S, & D - Coverage in the event a proven stallion becomes permanently incapable of settling mares in foal as a result of an accident, sickness, or disease. Pays up to 100% of the limit of liability.

  • External Injury Loss of Use - Coverage for if the insured horse becomes totally and permanently unfit for its insured use as a result of a visible, external, accidental and violent means injury. Pays up to 50% of the limit of liability.

  • Full Loss of Use - Coverage for if the insured horse suffers an illness or injury, and as a result becomes totally and permanently unfit for its insured use. Pays up to 50% of the limit of liability.

  • Named Perils - Available to horses of any age over 24 hours, this coverage is for death as a result of specific named causes such as fire and lightning, and includes coverage for theft.

Mortality policies are available in all U.S. states except Alaska and Hawaii.

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