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AEIG's Ranch & Estate program utilizes forms developed in conjunction with the American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS) and insures the usual and unique property exposures of most horse farm owners, whether their operations are primarily personal, commercial, or both. It provides insurance coverages for dwellings and related coverages, farm buildings including barns, arenas, and farm personal property including tack and related equipment.

The program allows an applicant to choose coverage forms, deductibles, and loss settlement options, for most eligible classes of property.

The Ranch & Estate coverage can be combined with the Equine Commercial General Liability coverage and Care, Custody and Control coverage, plus other coverage options. Comprehensive Personal Liability, at limits equal to the each occurrence limit, can be written if the principal residence is owner occupied.

Property policies are available in all U.S states except Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana and Washington.

In addition to providing coverage for the structure and household property, the following related coverages are provided for a dwelling insured under Coverage A:

Related Private Structures at 10% of the Residence limit.
Additional coverage that applies to structures used in conjunction with the residence.

Additional Living Costs at 20% of the Residence Limit.
Additional coverage for increased costs to maintain a normal standard of living if the residence is made unfit for use because of an insured peril.

The program also offers options that enhance the principal coverages: The Elite Form available for owner-occupied dwellings insured for $150,000 or more, this form provides special perils coverage on the residence and household property. Some of the enhancements of this form include replacement value loss settlement on household property, additional living costs at actual loss sustained, increased special limits for certain classes of personal property, and care, custody, or control at limits of $5,000/$25,000 (increased limits available for an additional premium).

Extra Expense Coverage for Farm Barns, Buildings, and Structures reimbursement for increased costs to continue your equestrian operation if an insured building is made unfit for use because of an insured peril.

Scheduled Personal Property Coverage for jewelry, fine arts, and other eligible types of property, with values greater than the special limits provided under Coverage C.
Tack and related equipment is covered at 100% of the coverage limit while the property is away from the primary farm location.

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